Healthcare Recruiting for Employers

In a corporate world, InSync’s healthcare recruiting process is distinctly personal—and prioritizes quality over quantity. Targeted, efficient searches not only save you time, money and effort…they enable you to cultivate long-term organizational strength and positive results.

Requirements Assessment
A solid recruiting process begins with a thorough understanding of your current and future needs—as well as researching the market conditions and healthcare trends that may affect candidate availability.

Custom Fit
Just as every position is different, every employer’s hiring process is unique. Whether you need a space filled quickly with a local candidate, or desire a comprehensive nationwide search, our strategy will be to create a plan that fits your structure.

Search, Screen and Submit
Based on your criteria, we use our extensive network and a variety of traditional recruiting methods to develop an appropriate candidate list. From there, we hand-screen every resume and cover letter to ensure that you receive only the candidates with the best potential—including alignment with your organizational philosophy and business approach.